No Shoes Allowed

Men remove their shoes before entering the Masjid Abdul Gaffoor mosque in the little India section of Singapore. Drawn on location with pen and ink and watercolor.

Balinese Full Moon Ceremony: women stack fruits

Balinese Full Moon Ceremony: The women have stacks of goodies to offer the gods piled high in a golden tower on their headsDrawn on location in Bali.

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Vendors at the Buddhist Temple, Singapore

Vendors outside the Buddhist temple on Waterloo Street in Singapore sell flowers, incense, and objects to offer to deceased relatives: paper clothing, money, even paper i-phones! Drawn on location with pen and ink and watercolor.

Wat Trimitr Temple, Bangkok

The busy hustle of Bangkok continues at the Wat Trimitr temple in the Chinatown area. Hawkers and vendors share space with praying monks and curious tourists. Drawn on location with pen and ink, watercolor, pastel, and oil crayons.

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