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Formed in 2005, Studio 1482 is an illustration cooperative. Each illustrator works independently to bring their unique point of view and personal style to an assignment, or collaboratively to create a larger vision for our clients.

Our specialty is reportage and reportage-inspired illustration. We work traditionally and digitally to create unique and aesthetic visual solutions.

Together, Studio 1482 members have more than 25 years of collective professional experience in the areas of editorial, publishing, advertising, concept development, reportage, fine art, graphic design, and arts education. Awards and honors include American Illustration, Communication Arts, Latin American Ilustración, the Society of Illustrators, the Society of Illustrators of LA, the Rx Club, and the World Illustration Awards.

We invite you to peruse our website and see for yourself.


Cherokee Station
PO Box 20119
New York, NY 10075
United States of America (USA)

tel: 212-570-5187
email: info@studio1482.com


What is “1482”?
1482 York Avenue is the NYC street address that holds a special place in our hearts—home of the small studio on the upper east side where our illustration collective was born.

Is Studio 1482 an illustration representative/agency?
No, Studio 1482 is an illustration cooperative, maintained and operated by the illustrators. You deal directly with the illustrator you wish to work with.

Can I work with one artist or must I hire the whole studio?
Each of our seven members is hired directly based on a client’s choice. We can also be hired as teams for larger projects.

Not sure who you want to hire?
Email us and we’ll make a suggestion for your project.

Do you do spec work?
It is against our studio policy to do spec work. Any of our artists would be happy to quote you a fee for comp illustrations for your client presentation.

What is reportage?
The word reportage comes from the old French, “to report,” or to give an account of something observed, heard, or investigated. Reportage illustration can be descriptive of places or events, and can also be an editorial or visual documentary of a subject through direct observation.

We would love to talk to you about how reportage can be a unique way and fresh way to communicate your vision. (And we’re always excited to hit a new location with our sketchbooks and paintbrushes in hand!)

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