Another thing about Chicago! - Studio 1482 Illustration

Another thing about Chicago!

Another thing about Chicago - Dominick Santise

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so the phrase goes. As I found a moment to freshen up the blog (the thing I promised myself I would stay on top of the last time I posted) I realized that the saying was hitting home on many levels. For one, I got back from Chicago—yes, last fall—with a renewed sense of purpose in terms of keeping on top of this portal. Work, family, home, the sun rising, pick a distraction. Good intention number one. Seeing that my Chicago trip was the last time I felt obliged to share, I found it funny that today’s subject was Chicago related as well. I had the privilege of doing an illustration for Hour Detroit magazine on a story about Asian Carp a few months ago. Turns out the US government brought the carp to Arkansas in the 70s as an ecological way of dealing with water treatment. Good intention number two. Flash back yet again, prior the carp story, and you find the Army Corp of Engineers connecting the mighty Mississippi to the Great Lakes, via the Chicago canal—enter Chicago and good intention number 3. Turns out the carp escaped form Arkansas and took the Mississippi straight north. It took a while but they are making their way through Chicago right about now en route to the Great Lakes—combine said good intentions and you have yourself a monster superhighway. For a great history of the Asian Carp in America, check out the article here. After that, check out this video on YouTube for another take on the issue.

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