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Dominick Santise grew up along the Hudson River in New York State. He is fluent in English and sarcasm, the latter more proficiently. In his youth he raked leaves, mowed lawns, shoveled driveways and delivered newspapers to earn spare change. He stored it away for the future and then couldn’t find it so he went to work in his father’s print shop, which greatly affected his sense of smell. After that he studied illustration at Parsons School of Design (he believes that is what it was called back then) and ventured into the world as a freelancer. Few people have seen him since. Dominick spent a decade living in Manhattan working as a designer and illustrator on a long list of book, editorial and advertising projects before moving “upstate” where he lives with his wife and children. His sense of smell has returned to normal, though he is still prone to aromatic flashbacks. Nestled in the Hudson Valley he continues to work on splendiferous projects (he did a thesaurus search for great and he liked splendiferous) with some of the worlds best designers and directors (seriously, no sarcasm) as well as his own stories and artwork. Like the spare change of his youth he is constantly storing ideas away for the (not-so-distant) future. Unlike the spare change, they are in a safe place. When not working for others Dominick can be found passing the time at a local farm or toiling away in a subterranean cave or under a tree.

Dominick Santise has worked for some of the country's leading companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, McCann Erickson, New Scientist magazine, LA Magazine, Hour Detroit,, Sailing World magazine, Pointed Leaf Press, Quarry, Fair Winds Press and many others as well as several start-ups for which he has had the pleasure to guide their visual identities. He is very proud to have designed One Drawing a Day and One Watercolor a Day with Veronica Lawlor, as well as co-designed Teaching Type to Talk with and about preeminent type designer Alan Peckolick. Dominick is the author/illustrator of several stories, including Beneath the Tree and Spring Tea Party as well as the founder of Terra Messor, an artisanal ceramic plate project. He is honored to be a member of Studio 1482, celebrating its 10th anniversary as an artists collective.

Amplify, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Common Ground Farm, Dujardin Design, Hour Detroit, Inc. magazine, Labor Day Records, L.A. Magazine, Marla's Kale Kitchen, New Scientist Magazine, Pointed Leaf Press, Quarry, Sailing World

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