BEST IN SHOW - Studio 1482 Illustration


Very happy to be a part of the Artsy online Emerge Gallery exhibit, Best in Show. The exhibit is curated by Robert Langdon, and open from January 22 – March 20, 2022.

The curator asked each artist to submit their favorite piece of 2021 for the exhibit. An exciting, eclectic collection, it includes collage, drawing, fiber art, monotypes, paintings, photography, sculpture; work of all kinds. My submission, Court Square, above, is a continuation of themes from a larger series, inspired by the 2017 demolition of the 1939 Kosciuszko Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Public places hold traces of the events and life that have coursed through them. With this abstract series, I want to preserve those moments, layered in time, that create the collective memories inherent in urban spaces. This is something I think about a lot when drawing on location: in my studio, working in abstraction as a point of departure from my on-site drawings, I can make these ideas more visible.

You can view more from the series on my website, HERE.

Link to the exhibit, an Artsy exclusive, HERE.

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