The Newbury

In the fall of 2019, illustrator Veronica Lawlor was asked by Tzelan Design to create a series of on-site reportage illustrations of the most beautiful neighborhood in Boston, to be used for a campaign to announce the launch of The Newbury Hotel, a re-imaging of the class Ritz-Carlton. The hotel sits at the entrance to the Boston Public Garden, with a perfect view in every season.

Veronica’s delicate line and colour interpretations of Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, and the Boston Public Garden were turned into a series of postcards, and can be found on all of the hotel collateral, from gift bags to umbrellas. A selection of the illustrations are shown here.

“At times like these,” Veronica says, “I feel so lucky to be a reportage illustrator. My work combines all of the things I love to do – drawing, traveling, meeting people, and spending time in beautiful places.”

The hotel continues to have a relationship with the illustrator, and commission her to create their yearly holiday card.

You can read more about this reportage HERE.

Chase Private Client Arts & Culture Campaign

In 2014, Chase Private Client sent  illustrator Veronica Lawlor across the United States to create reportage illustrations of cultural icons of American cities. Veronica spent two weeks traveling across the country, visiting NYC, Miami, Seattle, Columbus, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and many more. In total, she created 22 on-site illustrations, that were used by Chase in their marketing materials for the Private Client Arts & Culture program. In December her illustration of a classic holiday scene was used as an animated poster in many branches across the country.

“This is what is called a dream job,” said Veronica.

Agency: Bradley and Montgomery

Awards: A Silver Addy award for the campaign. American Illustration Selected for the Public Market illustration.

Henri’s Reserve Champagne

Henri’s Reserve is a private company based in Connecticut. They sell an array of small Family Estate Champagnes imported from the vineyards of France. The champagnes are boutique, single-vineyard champagnes prided for their uniqueness of taste and quality. These illustrations by Margaret Hurst were created to emphasize the personal and unique nature of Henri’s Reserve champagnes.

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