Amplify Science Curriculum

Amplify is a New York based education company that creates K-12 curriculum, assessment and other programs for 21st century students. In 2017 Dominick was asked to illustrate a serious of openings for their digital science chapters on Microbiome and Metabolism. The illustrations had to function in a variety of formats  across multiple digital devices.

BMS Business Standards and Ethics Manual

Bristol Myers Squibb is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in New York City with offices located around the world. In 2012 Dominick Santise was selected to illustrate their bi-annual Standards of Business and Ethics manual for internal compliance training. Starting out with a day of reportage at one of the companies New Jersey facilities, the illustrations were divided into four main sections and designed as “murals” incorporating  key compliance phrases in the diverse languages spoken by the employees. “A very demanding job. Approvals had to be passed around globally and just when a section seemed to clear, another office would weigh in with a required change. From clothing changes to color associations, this is the most vetted project I have ever done.

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