Ken Burns Vietnam - Studio 1482 Illustration

Ken Burns Vietnam

In July 2017 Illustrator Greg Betza was contacted by Atlantic Re:think, the marketing division of the Atlantic Magazine, to create a series of illustrations to help promote the PBS release of the new Vietnam documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novice.

The first part of the project was to create a print illustration which would accompany a brief article about the series in the The Atlantic. The piece had to communicate the comprehensive, objective view that the documentary takes, interviewing people from both sides of the war and the political divide.

The second phase of the project dealt with interviews of 7 of the documentary's participants. Greg was asked to create one illustration per interview. He decided to develop one symbol per interview that most strongly embodied the audio.

Greg's work on this project was included in American Illustration 37.

Greg Betza
Atlantic Re:think | PBS
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