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Service to our country

Airforce Week - Michele Bedigian
I thought it worth mentioning this week the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is hosting a series ofexciting events associated with the United States Air Force from August 24th through August 29th. The mission of the event is to bring together the ...

A Rose for Haiti

Rose For Haiti - Studio 1482 Fundraiser
Please visit our studio site, to find out more about our fundraiser for the people of Haiti.  We have all contributed artwork for the cause.  You will find instructions on the ODAD website on how to buy studio artwork through ...

Yankees Victory Parade

Yankees Victory Parade | Veronica Lawlor
Friday morning I got myself downtown to Broadway to do some reportage of the Yankees Victory parade up the ‘canyon of heroes’. I hopped on the #4 train and went to the Wall Street station, where this sight met my eyes – – – The Yankee fans ...

Just Off Second Avenue

Just Off Second Avenue | Dominick Santise
Just off 2nd Avenue, sitting beside the western end of Century Lumber on the south side of 97th Street on Manhattans’ Upper East Side—not quite Carnegie Hill, not quite Spanish Harlem—are two 100 plus year old apartment buildings. They are the ...

Chocolate highlights

chocolate highlights - Michele Bedigian
highlights from the Buck’s County Chocolate Show in New Hope, Pennsylvania … and oh what a show it was! The word Chocolate alone draws in a crowd. So I wasn’t surprised how the line wrapped around the building as early as 10am. But what did su ...

Floyd Landis & the 2006 Tour de France reportage

2006 Tour de France | Veronica Lawlor
So, Floyd Landis is having his trial to decide if he will keep his title as the winner of the 2006 Tour de France. He is defending himself against allegations that he took testoterone during the Tour, allegations he repeatedly denies. This is the fir ...
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