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Angelica and Myriam drew these drawings today. I promised I would post their drawings tonight on my blog so they could see them. The drawing on the left is a portrait of me drawn by Angelica. Lovely! The drawing on the right is a bird drawn by Myriam ...

Drawings from the Puerto Rican Day Parade

Puerto Rican Day Parade | Margaret Hurst
I was headed to Central Park today to make some drawings but discovered the Puerto Rican Day Parade instead! What a surprise, as I had assumed the parade would be long over, but apparently there were about 25 additional floats this year, so it was st ...

Musician’s hands

Musician hands | Margaret Hurst
This musician was playing in Central Park the other day. I liked drawing his hands. His face is great to draw too! His hands and fingers look like bird’s wings! ...

Drawing at Madison Square Park

Drawing at Madison Square Park | Margaret Hurst
I drew today at Madison Square Park. It was a beautiful day and as it turned out there was a reception for the sculptor Roxy Paine who sculpted the steel trees in the park. The “trees” will be there all year. I asked one of the caretakers if it w ...
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