Chicago - Studio 1482 Illustration


Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Chicago | Greg Betza

Last week, Studio 1482 illustrator Dominick Santise and I attended the Workbook Creative Carnival in Chicago. We then spent the next 2 days creating reportage drawings around the city. Now I love NY, but Chicago is like a friendly, clean, slightly more relaxed version…which frankly is nice from time to time. We navigated the city by foot, walking from landmark to landmark, checking out the wonderful public art all along the way, Picasso, Chagall, Dubuffet, etc. It was an inspiring few days and I’m excited to share of few of my drawings with you.

Navy Pier Chicago | Greg Betza

Chicago Bean | Greg Betza

Chicago Theater | Greg Betza

Chicago People | Greg Betza

Chicago River | Greg Betza

Willis Tower Chicago | Greg Betza

Picasso Chicago | Greg Betza

Chicago Theater | Greg Betza

Trump Chicago | Greg Betza

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