DRAWN POETRY 2020 - Studio 1482 Illustration


Very happy to be invited by Isabel Carmona and Jeffrey de Bruin to participate in Drawn Poetry 2020, “an international project to create something beautiful while we are all at home during these difficult times, to share with others, creating a body of work as a collective.” The work of all the invited artists will be printed as a full collection, and exhibited in 2021, with proceeds of artwork sales to benefit the Medicins Sans Frontiers.

For my illustrated postcard I chose the poem “Our Share of Night to Bear” by Emily Dickinson.

It seemed appropriate for our times, and ends on a note of hope, which is something we all could use a bit of. The image is one that I saw out of my bedroom window on a clear evening while in quarantine – one serene cloud, and a bright, clear planet. The world is still such a beautiful place.

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