Or Maybe Not - Studio 1482 Illustration

Or Maybe Not

Had I hesitated, when the moment struck, this would all be for naught. I would be stuck on the very page I have been staring at for too long. Constantly returning to continue, but finding I am never quite sure where I left off, so I begin all over again. Confused as to how I got here, I flip back, review what has already been put behind me, catch up and remind myself from where I came. Repeated too many times, the words begin to have no meaning. The constant repetition always numbs my mind. The words begin to look fuzzy. The drawings, they are merely drawings to you, but they mean so much more to me, even the fuzzy ones. Everything means so much more to me. It is not merely a beginning and an end, but the moments that push at each extreme. That is what legends are made of. It is all legend from here on out. As the page turns I make the rules. Today I am the pilot and you are the passenger. You may think me strange for not knowing where we are destined, but I think you odd for boarding. How will I make the trip have meaning if I don’t know where we are headed? Pretend each stop means more than the last. And most often, it does.

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