Sketching The Line - Studio 1482 Illustration

Sketching The Line

I’m honored to be included in the Canadian ART IN TRANSIT show “Sketching The Line”, an exhibition of reportage drawings made while of commuters and subway-goers.
Back in 2007-8 I took advantage of my time on NYC subways by drawing anyone I could. For practice, yes, and because I just love to do it. I find that the older I get, my career and the opportunities presented to me all seem to fall in line with my interests. A lot can be said about continuing to “do what you love”. Do the work that you want to do and that work will continue to find you. If you’d like to see more of my drawings from the commute, click here

Thank you to Sharon for organizing the exhibition.

More about the show from their website:

“An international exhibition of 78 sketches drawn by 13 artists from around the globe, features brief impressions of fellow commuters that document place, time and movement while simultaneously revealing a myriad of personal moments.”

Sketching The Line | Greg Betza

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