The Holidays are Upon Us - Studio 1482 Illustration

The Holidays are Upon Us

Season’s Greetings for those who know why summer is no time to get get lazy.

As beach goers are bathing in the sun, plans are being finalized for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and Valentines Day. As you are plotting your course for the next few months, let our Studio 1482 illustrators help you get everything on your list done, so you can look forward to the holiday season with a smile. (And just maybe, a suntan.)

Left: illustrated holiday card for AMC networks; right: illustration for a luxury shopping advertorial.
—Veronica Lawlor

Holiday illustrations by Greg Betza

Greg Betza was commissioned to create a pair of holiday cards for Canadian law firm Osler. He used watercolor to create textures and digitally collaged them to create colorful winter moments.

A hibiscus flower silkscreened for a holiday card for livetolime.
—Margaret Hurst

Harvest logo created for annual benefit auction.—Dominick Santise

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