World Illustration Awards 2016 - Studio 1482 Illustration

World Illustration Awards 2016


Happy to announce that my Whale Song Coat kimono has been shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards, in the Public Realm category. The kimono depicts the paths of whale migration and human migration influenced by whaling, in a palimpsest motif. It mixes hand drawn elements with old navigation maps and charts, as well as gps tracking of humpback whale migratory paths. The kimono is digitally printed, silkscreened, and hand sewn. It is currently on display in Mystic Seaport, as part of the exhibit: Journey of Transformation: An Exploration of Our Evolving Relationship With the Whale, by Dalvero Academy. You can visit the exhibition site HERE. Below are some fabric details from the piece.

I’m so honored to be shortlisted for this award; there were over 2300 entries received from around the world.

And I love the idea of illustration on fabric, just one of the many, many graphic areas that illustrators can be found working in!



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