You Get in the Hole - Studio 1482 Illustration

You Get in the Hole

You Get in the Hole | Dominick Santise

It’s been a couple of months since I have been down to the construction site on Second Avenue and actually since I have been on the blog to see where I left off—promotions and schedules and all sorts of work related stuff. So of course I was surprised to find that I had two drawings already scanned and ready to go, I just needed to catch up on the writing. Typically I have been keeping up with the progress along the way scanning and writing as I can. I must have been busy because I can’t even remember why I would have put it off. Then as I reached for the pad to take out with me this week I found two more drawings that weren’t scanned in. I guess I could have been updating the whole time if I only remembered I had the drawings stocked piled.

Regardless, this one was from November, right after the move upstate. At the time of this drawing the construction was focused around covering the trench on the west side of the avenue, now a very clean work site on that side, with huge panels for easy access to all of the utilities and future launch box. I seem to remember the two men having a staring contest as to who was going down the ladder in the grate between them. One of the guys was dancing his way out of the conversation, literally. He hopped twenty feet right on out of the drawing. As usual, several of the crew watched to see what would happen next.

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