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Animations 2021

This series of animations are a continuation of a project from 2019 which was postponed due to the pandemic. Greg Betza recently had a reel put together of some of the highlights.

The animations are designed to work as culture-shaping, coaching videos that are explanatory in nature, spread across many industries including, retail, health, food, hospitality, manufacturing and more. He created all of these as frame by frame line art and added digital color.

Thank you again to the whole team at StrategyMuse for the great collaboration!


Welcome to Armchair Travels, an invitation to travel around the world through the reportage illustration of Studio 1482.We have gathered art from our travels to share with you in the hopes that, while you can’t get out and see these places (yet), our experiences may bring some happiness and light to your day. Please check back often as we will be posting new adventures weekly.

Enjoy Chicago by Greg Betza…

The first drawing I remember making looking down the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

I first visited Chicago back in 2010 or 11, I can’t remember exactly, but what I do remember is that I fell in love with what I saw. Now Chicago is a sprawling area and I only had time to see the “downtown” area, but it was beautiful. Being from New Jersey New York City is my major U.S. city of record, and it is second to none, but Chicago is similar to New York just less crowded, congested, and to my eye, much cleaner (probably due to the almost 6 million! less people than NYC…). The major differentiator though for me is the Chicago River that cuts right through the city.

Chicago River

That was my first visit. What I missed, and a major reason why I came back, was that I did not have the opportunity to spend time drawing the city. In 2013 the opportunity arose when the Workbook announced their Creative Carnivalwould be held there. Fellow Studio 1482 member Dominick Santise and I decided to hit the road and head out to the windy city to attend…and spend a few days drawing!

Cloud gate, better knows as the Chicago Bean

Willis Tower

And draw is what we did. All day. For two guys in their late 30s (at the time) we really got around. Looking back at the drawings I’d think we had bikes, but I assure you we did not.

Trump tower Chicago

Chicago Theater sign

Chicago Theater

The city had a great energy, and for October it was quite comfortable. It was the perfect time to just be out drawing. And what I enjoyed so much about my time there was that the time was just spent drawing, for the love of doing it and nothing more. I picked up whatever materials felt right at the time, played around, made a mess, found something new here and there.

Chicago Theater and passers by

Picasso public sculpture

Rides at Navy Pier

Navy Pier ferris wheel

Chicago is a city full of incredible architecture, attractions, food/drink, and friendly welcoming people. I’ll always remember fondly the time I spent drawing there and the late night meals Dominick and I had to end our long days. A cider for him and a few local craft beers for me, not to be missed!

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Bloomingdales live paint portraits | Greg Betza


I was commissioned by Bloomingdales to ‘live-paint’ portraits of their customers. It was so nice to see their clients’ faces when they saw their likenesses appearing on paper. I don’t often talk about art with people who are not artists and it amazed me how impressed and fascinated they are by the process of creating art. Their observations and opinions are diverse and genuine. I learned a lot.

I went into the day thinking mostly about the job that I had to do and how I would execute it. I came away with so much more…meeting new people, of all ages, and hearing their thoughts on what I was doing and how much they enjoyed the process.

Thank you to Bloomingdales for asking me to live-paint portraits of your patrons. Great day!

Bloomingdales live paint portraits | Greg Betza

Bloomingdales live paint portraits | Greg Betza

Bloomingdales live paint portraits | Greg Betza

Bloomingdales live paint portraits | Greg Betza