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Serena Ventures

Greg Betza had the chance to work with the wonderful team at EmDash on a little portrait piece they needed for a Harvard Business School Alumni Review article on the Serena Williams venture capital firm Serena Ventures and it’s investment manager Alison Rapaport.

Serena Ventures is supporting some great businesses, giving them an opportunity to bring their visions to life.

Investment Advisor | Greg Betza

Investment Advisor $$$$

I was contacted last month by Investment Advisor magazine to produce a full page illustration for an article on the gift and estate taxes. To put it mildly, this was not an article loaded with visuals, which is exactly why I loved this assignment. It forced me to look for a different way of illustrating the message. Thankfully the AD was open to the idea and really welcomed a conceptual and abstract approach.

It felt great to play around.

Investment Advisor | Greg Betza